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..Fading night..

Its calm here…An ethereal, uncondescending sense of tranquillity is all pervasive in the dark of this night..What springs surprise is that this tranquillity causes an inner turmoil in the confines of a mind that has been (and probably still is) a victim of ‘rationale’..Rationale, that dictates actions which do not necessarily comprehend the inner turmoil. Rationale, that takes undue advantage of being what it is..a wicked tenet that plays havoc with the serene sense of oneness..

Dawn peeks in from the blanket of darkness..the tranquil calm suspends like thin fog lifting up to paint a haze in the morning air..My eyes must now rest..Let those guided by rationale begin their day, for I have more such calms to attend to..





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  1. ChillBill
    November 27, 2010 at 12:28

    a candid let off i must say… may be, in the coincidence of rationale and pursuit lies the fix.. in the pusuit..hope we unearth it some goddamngudday..

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