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A day in the office..

Clitter Clatter Clitter Clutter..The sound of keys being typed in to work the 14″ monitor to promulgate needs (some call em results or the geeks say its output) strikes like a hammer in the back of my head…or whatever has remained there..to be precise. A dear friend of mine had once said…” Being surrounded by nincompoops all around is potentially hazardous and an insult to your intellect.” Sitting here in my tiny cubicle, these words make a dent in my mind as they echo in the walls of my cerebrum. Enlightenment can dawn in any way…they say..I wait with anxiety..The nincompoops indeed have been and still are an insult to my intellect !!

PS – I had not intended to write anything related to the office here..But for once, it got me writing something rather than nothing..


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  1. Arjun
    December 3, 2010 at 17:33

    Inner monologues…always interesting…

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