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It became increasingly unpleasant to let the eyes peek out of the comfort of a warm blanket and prepare for a day of work…A day which I believe, mortal sloths dread and despise the most..Monday !! Days have now become sleep inducing pleasure pills. Mist sometimes sweeps in through the windows and brings the fragrance of the greens in the living confines..or so would I like to think. The fan has stopped making the now accustomed noise, which gives the feeling as if the milieu that I reside in, is a different entity altogether than what once was a few days back. I lay anchored in bed, just observing..

Out the window, a grey world awaits all. Urchins covered in torn woollens sell mufflers and hand gloves at the traffic junctions. Layers of wool hide the fat beneath it, on people walking by. Street dogs lie curled up resembling a snail minus its shell. Cell phone rings..informing of the tickets which are booked for the holiday season..Nature’s call necessitates to weigh anchor next. As bare feet touch the floor, a chill sends shudder up the legs. The mirror reflects disarrayed hair, a dry skin and the look is surprisingly like that of a cantankerous kid. As the tap is swivelled to let a gush of water out, its cold touch make the hands freeze and writhe in agony.

Dusk descends pretty much early making inroads for the dark to befall. Nobody seems to be acutely aware, or gives a hoot, of the absence of sun..or so would I think..during the day.

For the security keeping guard at the gates, late nights are spent soaking heat on hands close by the fire. Just the whites of the eyes peer from the guards’ monkey caps. Their tight fitting sweaters make their bellies protrude and complement the big bad moustaches which probably never saw a razor lately. Early mornings smell of copper vessels heating water as its aroma accentuates the smoke it emanates. The remains of the grey green leaves carry the delicate dew drops as its prized possession for the morning.

Like the undisturbed dew drops resting its flight in the lap of leaves, I snuggle back in the warmth of my blanket after spending the last few hours of nothingness, doing…well…absolutely nothing. The serenade of silence redeems the calm..and the eyes droop..

Winter..I love you..and Mondays..I don’t..

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  1. ChillBill
    December 7, 2010 at 11:18

    magical n poetic depiction..i njoid evrythin..even d snail pace with which it lingers on..reminds me ‘god of small things’ đŸ™‚

  2. Sachin
    December 7, 2010 at 13:22

    Another Mortal SLoth loved it… I am feeling sleepy…Yawn!!!

  3. Ashish
    December 8, 2010 at 20:32

    As always.. quite an artistic way of seeing stuff and putting them into words.. preety cool..

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