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In transition..

The monotony of the routine that marks the beginning of the day took over the night’s sleepy peace. Morning sun shone bright and hot from the glass panes out the window making shadows fall randomly and wantonly. Unrecognizable voices filled in the silence of the cosy confines out in the corridors of the apartments. Mornings had almost always been like this.  Except while growing up. That was the time when birds chirped and there were no corridors. Nor were the occasional bouts of absolute uncertainty an enigma like they now seemed to. Uncertainty was exciting, stimulating, liberating. It led the mind to wander off from the safe confines of reason and explore the realms beyond the trivialities. Trivialities, which were guarded tenets, intended to hold back the free spirit. Disciplining the minds seemed so unlike liberation. With the loss of growing days, maturity robbed these uncertainties and reason and discipline took over. Mornings are now monotonous affairs with clocks and routines in repetition. Sun shines today, like it always used to.  Some things change, some don’t. A shadow of our past still lingers on in the present. We smile, we move on..

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