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The last few days have been quite taxing on me. Not because its the month of March, but rather because folks at work have started messing around with my mind. Its just that its not messing around, but screwing around..and its not my mind..but my nirvana. Anyways, leaving those details to bite dust (where they deserve), I am planning to clinch my nirvana back. Like they show in the sci-fi movies, I blink my eyes real slow to open them up to a world that is oblivious to a thought process dictated by my brains.

I see a battery of machine men moving around…an array of lips forming shapes..speaking incomprehensible words that I do not care to make sense of..Wrinkled foreheads, presumptuous authorities abusing power using demented minds, superficial smiles, maladroit and false assumptions inspiring confidence in unenlightened bodies of flesh..and inquiring, inquisitive eyes..I shift my gaze outside the walls of caged capitalism and look at the one leaf lying unruffled on the dent in a trunk of a tree. Brown, weathered, withered and yet unwavering, even in the gentle attempts of gusts of wind to be blown in their direction, it just sits there…at peace..in its own nirvana.

With a pat on my back, it’s a friend who says..”Chai peene aa rahe ho? Saala ye log dimaag ki bahut maar rahe hai.” I snap out of my epiphany, nod my head and walk off along with him.  “Its my birthday in a few days“, I tell him “and I intend to be away from this ominous dark hole. Any suggestions?”  “Take me along” comes the reply. I smile. So the agenda is set. On my 24th birthday, I am going to do good to me by not showing up at work. Cheers to that. Cheers to me. .

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  1. ChillBill
    March 3, 2011 at 14:44

    numb responses to epiphany..reality as they call it..

  2. hattori hanzo
    March 3, 2011 at 14:45


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