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..perhaps, only perhaps..

He woke up to the sweat beads on his forehead gleaming in the heat of sun shining bright through the windows. This summer had been unrelentingly hot. It was 07:30 am on the clock and the alarm was yet to go off. He made another attempt at sleeping till the next 15 minutes but his joints ached and cracked echoing the tattered & hollow remains of aspirations he had once had of himself. These days, he would try to avoid the robotic rugtug of routine disappointment that was his day by being in denial of all things real. Real in itself was misnomer of a word, it seemed. He would dress up in formals, succumbing to the corporate drudgery that was more fluff and less substance – day after day after day. He smiled less often and the less often he smiled was a smile so artificial, he could feel cracks surface at the edge of his lips – just like the very moment in time a glass would stand held together by an assemblage of pieces before disintegrating into meaningless waste.

A moment of clarity lasts long enough, each day, every day, to numb the lack of any aim. He smiles, puts on his face for the world and walks on. Perhaps, only perhaps, may he one day find a reason to walk, and walk with hope.

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  1. Sukhada
    March 1, 2013 at 14:47


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