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It was a chapel that one would have drove by on a usual summer day. Unnoticed, hidden in the whirlwind of sands painting it rusty and gold, giving it a look of barren and yet, richness – rich in memories perhaps. It stood through times one would care to remember.  The wedding had been a joyous one. The chapel wasn’t rusty then. Washed it was rather. Washed with the most unusual thunderstorm it had received  in a long time. They had joked that the roof would come down once they said those two words which were to be said when they had to be said – “I do”.  “Imagine the horror if it indeed happens. I wouldn’t mind, I am a delight in the bath” had giggled the maid of honor and winked at the bride. “My sweet slutty sis. Ain’t you a delightful bitch” sighed the bride. Delightful she was. Amd so was she cheerful, full of life, vibrant in thoughts and actions and expressions. Yet that wasn’t the best of her. The best of her was her infectious smile. It eased one’s heart to see her smile. It gave hope.

And he had said all of it, to her, that wedding day, in that chapel. “Achcha?” she said and smiled. She eluded him for the entire evening. His eyes searched for hers as he talked to the ones he wasn’t willing to talk to. He courteously obliged the ladies with the dances they demanded of him yet he ached to have her in his arms to dance with. He smiled all the smiles effortlessly and charmed all those who he didn’t wish to charm. Having had enough of her elusiveness, he approached her at the altar and requested to have her borrowed. She obliged with grace and gave her hand in his to be taken. To her surprise, he didn’t take her dancing, he didn’t offer her wine, he didn’t even offer her the sinfully soft cake dipped in cream. Instead he took her in the adjoining verandah, closed the door behind her, looked her straight in the eyes and said “Achcha?”

The kiss lasted real long. Long enough to the day they were back together, hand in hand standing in the verandah staring at the rusty old chapel thinking of all the times betwenn then and now. “You were a clever bastard” she said  with a smile. He clasped her waist by his hands, brought her closer, looked deep in the eyes he had looked all his life and said “I still am”. The kiss lasted real long.

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