This sounds so gay. Help me write a better About Me.

Shit happens. And it happens to you. Most of the times, its ALL the frickin time that shit happens to you. We live in a box of expectations. Expectations – others have of us and the ones we have of ourselves. Days come when the walls of this box close in and the resounding shrillness of our own silence gets too loud to neglect. At such times, a leaf falling gently off the sky looks beautiful, a beggar resting on rugs soaking the sun looks happier, a tree standing tall in the concrete jungle around looks heroic and we escape. We escape in its charm and divinity which is always there : unnoticed, overlooked and forgotten in chasing expectations.  This blog is, at best, my attempt at such an escape. Just for me.


  1. Sukhada
    April 19, 2014 at 14:33

    Cool.. 🙂

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