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May 22, 2012 8 comments

He found it amusing for the rains to fall from the skies in the middle of May. Cold, damp winds sweeping the wet little leaves off the roads and pavements in a whirlwind, almost immediately were followed by the sudden brashness of the heavy drops of rain. He had a presentation due the next day. On finally giving up on finding a cab to reach his place, he ran for cover under a tarpaulin strapped to two bamboo sticks and the edges of an empty bhelpuri cart. He tried feeling for the ciggerate in his pockets and out came the cancer stick soaked in water, drooping at its end & hanging its white flag of defeat to the wrath of mother earth. He reached for the lighter, and angrily rolled his thumb over its wheel to strike a light. It just wouldn’t light !! Nothing seemed to have been going right lately. Had it not been for the mind numbing banter of the intern post meeting, he could have just caught a cab in the nick of time. And if only had he met the VP instead of the intern, he might as well would have still been in the meeting, running him through the ideas he had worked on all night. The tarpaulin started sacking with the water being accumulated on the top and he could feel it touching him on his head. He punched it in fury as the water flowed effortlessly from the edges only to bounce back on his leather shoes. Beaten and defeated, he just sighed out loud, leaned against the cart and let his head sink in his palms.

It was only the laptop in her bag which made her look for cover. She had almost started enjoying getting drenched in the rains when it dawned on her that the water could seep in to her bag. Seeing a guy punch some water out from over a tarpaulin to keep it from touching his head, she ran straight towards him to seek cover. Stepping in gently as if entering his private space, she tried not to attract his attention. He heard her step in the makeshift shed and took his head out of his palms to restore his own perceived dignity in appearing manly. He could only see her from the backside. White little transparent pearls of water rolled down her nape into the sweet confines of sin factory. She had her hair tied up in a pony tail and he could faintly see her right cheek just enough to know that she was smiling. She wore a bright yellow kurti, the kind which had a deep cut in the back, and yet, what rather drew his attention was her nape and the faint sign of a smile on her cheeks, however vague it looked from where he stood. He took a few steps sideways, removed his backpack and leaned again on the cart hoping to catch a glimpse of her face. Just when had he thought he had made up his mind on being an atheist as opposed to an agnostic, he saw her face. She couldn’t resist feeling the rains in the cup of her palms. Simple, fair and ordinary arms just as anyone else’s, it was the red thread on one of them which dripped water from its knot that made it extraordinary for him. She noticed him looking at her from the corner of her eye. She turned her face towards him and smiled.

“You dont enjoy getting drenched in the rains, do you?” she said.

“Not alone, No.” He said with a humble smile and penetrating eyes.

“Thats cheesy”

“Cheesy not work for you?”

It rained for 3 hours that day. They married a year later.

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..And yet..

January 23, 2012 9 comments

Motionless and exhausted, they sat next to each other, watching the dark waves of the ocean sway to the moon’s charm. Of course a lot could have been said; both had been holding back on saying what could have been said for the fear of becoming someone else. Or worse, making the other someone else. Amidst the accustomed cacophony of the vehicles zooming past the swarm of ‘Sunday’ tourists thronging Queen’s necklace, unspoken words only enchanted the calm they had longed. Chin balanced delicately on her knees with her arms wrapped around them, her eyes seemed fixated on the moonlit waves swaying like fluid, gentle desires. He leaned backwards on an arm he stretched behind where she sat, just enough to be more close to her. The wind carried a mild chill in it which made her like him in coming close enough to let his intentions know in keeping her warm. She could have chuckled at the subtle sexual innuendo in her own thoughts, but a slim smile sufficed. A smile so feeble and tender, only he could read to blush secretly thinking it as her way of acknowledging his coming close.

They had had a good evening. No music had played. No flowers were bought. No black ties were seen. No reservation was made to share that chocolate fondue they had almost always had when they met. Instead, they’d licked on the kulfi sticks an urchin passing by had to offer in exchange for a few rupees. Walking close enough to only overwhelm at the thought of being distant like the two ends of a sea, no words were spoken. “It was a mutual, conscious decision…And it had to be taken.” was what they would tell their friends ; so had they thought. Strolling the promenade, their hands did brush against each other at occasions more than once though. And yet, no one clasped the other’s hand in their own like always.

He still remembered that smile on her face when he had clasped her hand the very first time. A smile so feeble and tender, only he could read to blush secretly thinking it as her way of acknowledging his coming close. Close they had had been for years since. Close enough for him to gently move that strand of hair on her face just so as to look at her. And yet…and yet it was a mutual, conscious decision which they had taken. That was that. The skies descended darkness on them and motionless they sat, staring into oblivion. The strand of hair remained unmoved that day.

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..It was time..

October 3, 2011 2 comments

She glanced at the watch hanging on the wall. It was time. Or was it? Raindrops tearing the silence of the dead summer’s noon reminded her of the tears she had seen on his face then. Boyish face. His hair kept shadowing those hollow eyes which begged her not to let him go. He never was the one to emote his feelings. Lips set straight, firm jaw as was all the times, hands left loose hanging in defeat, sweat beads on palms, and a lowered chin. But his eyes drew her attention. The usually hopeful, if not cheery, content in misconstruing her empathy for solace, and hollow, were not the same then. They conveyed an island of lost hope. Barren. Bare. Hollow. Eyes that saw her shallow love right through. And yet they pleaded for her to stop him. Tears surfaced on his face without a sigh or visible despair. For every tear she saw, her heart wrenched in agony shouting a million muted cries. Yet he had to go. He was meant to go. And so he went.

It was time. Clouds thundered and raindrops broke a roof tile that summer noon. The clock chimed. In vain. Mellowed. He stepped out of the jeep. She ran to the entrance, undaunted by the fears of rejection. Hope gleaming in eyes. Tears surfaced on her eyes like pearls shimmering hope. He saw her in her eyes. It had been long. Indeed long. May be a decade. May be less. But it sure was long. His jaw was firm. Lips straight. She couldn’t read his eyes though. They were ambiguous, uncertain. Her hope was dimming. And then, and then a small curve appeared. His lips moved. In a smile. She bit hers as raindrops shadowed her tears of joy. She smiled and waved her hand. He stood smiling and gently waved his. It was time. They met.

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