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April 16, 2011 2 comments

Night again now..It rained in Bangalore while it was still evening..Soft, caressing wind brought in some twigs & the smallest of  leaves flying in my workspace and it felt welcoming, to be here. A summer friday on the calender, clouds in the sky and drizzle on the streets..Smiling, content and elated faces making their way through, to meet others Рto smile, to laugh, to chat, to hold hands, to walk, to share an evening, to be a part of each other..even if for some it meant for just this little while..At moments such as these when anticipations are high and expectations low, one can smell roses in the air..Or if  it has rained, like it did today, the air smells of earth..

I walk to the same bus stop on my way. I glance at those expectant radiant faces, waiting, with impatience, who have someone to go to..I wait with them..Just another speck in the universe, I get in the bus and get down at my stop..I walk..More faces..more smiles…more laughs..I walk with them, yet away from them..When its time to switch off the lights,I switch off the lights & look out the window..Its dark..Alluringly and enchantingly dark..I think of those smiling, laughing faces, I smile..Its night again now for some more time.. Night again..

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