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..It was time..

October 3, 2011 2 comments

She glanced at the watch hanging on the wall. It was time. Or was it? Raindrops tearing the silence of the dead summer’s noon reminded her of the tears she had seen on his face then. Boyish face. His hair kept shadowing those hollow eyes which begged her not to let him go. He never was the one to emote his feelings. Lips set straight, firm jaw as was all the times, hands left loose hanging in defeat, sweat beads on palms, and a lowered chin. But his eyes drew her attention. The usually hopeful, if not cheery, content in misconstruing her empathy for solace, and hollow, were not the same then. They conveyed an island of lost hope. Barren. Bare. Hollow. Eyes that saw her shallow love right through. And yet they pleaded for her to stop him. Tears surfaced on his face without a sigh or visible despair. For every tear she saw, her heart wrenched in agony shouting a million muted cries. Yet he had to go. He was meant to go. And so he went.

It was time. Clouds thundered and raindrops broke a roof tile that summer noon. The clock chimed. In vain. Mellowed. He stepped out of the jeep. She ran to the entrance, undaunted by the fears of rejection. Hope gleaming in eyes. Tears surfaced on her eyes like pearls shimmering hope. He saw her in her eyes. It had been long. Indeed long. May be a decade. May be less. But it sure was long. His jaw was firm. Lips straight. She couldn’t read his eyes though. They were ambiguous, uncertain. Her hope was dimming. And then, and then a small curve appeared. His lips moved. In a smile. She bit hers as raindrops shadowed her tears of joy. She smiled and waved her hand. He stood smiling and gently waved his. It was time. They met.

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