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..On the way back..

June 1, 2011 1 comment

It must have been a bump. A big one. Only a big bump could jolt me from my sleep after the debacle last night in Lonavala. As my head bangs against the glass walls of the volvo, I see enormous farms of sugarcane under the shadow of summer skies. The landscape has been etched in my mind against my wish and yet brings a feeling of nostalgia, if not comfort. I straighten my reclined seat and in the process manage to displace the elbow of the guy sitting next to me. I look at his face and force myself into an apologetic smile and an unconvincing “oops”…He smiles back and simultaneously pulls back his elbow. His face looks raw. 24 – 25 might be the age on paper but his face conveys the innocence of a 20, if not less. He reaches for a phone in his pocket…takes it out and hits a random contact to call on. There is a momentary hesitation before hitting the call button. A quick glance at the nothingness of the landscape out the window and he presses call.

“हेल्लो..ह..मी आहे..काय म्हणतेस…कशी आहे ?” A smile appears. Eyes wander away.

“हो… नाही ग…मी निघालोय बंगलोर साठी…सध्या बस मध्ये आहे…आताच पेठ नाका पाठीशी गेला .”

“हो का ?… खर ?… कुठे ?… समोर एक हॉटेल आहे दीपक म्हणून. अजून समोर ? उम्म्म.. एक झाड आहे मोठ. मग एक जुनी पडलेली बिल्डिंग दिसतीये. ” He leans across me oblivious of my presence. Eyes expectant and perky all of a sudden.

” देऊळ ? वडाच झाड ? उम्म थांब बर …आग नाहीये ग…किती…अजून समोर ? नुसती थापा नकोस मारू …तू नाही दिसलीस न, तर पुन्हा भेटायला यायचं जमायचं नाय बघ माझ ….आणि मग फोन वर गळा नाही काढाय…..दिसलीस !! ” A lean figure appears on the sides of tar..Head covered with a pink dupatta and a hand held to the forehead to avoid the glaring sun..The guy breathes in the phone without saying a word..Eyes are lost…Frozen smile conveys woe and joy bundled tight on the face. Breathing continues with the phone glued to his ear. “हलो..?….हलो..? ”  He stares at the missing bars on his phone for a second too long and slides the phone back in. Gently he slams his head on the headrest and stares at the roof.
I cross my arms, let out a yawn, stretch my legs and recline the seat. For some reason I now cannot recollect what I was thinking about some 10 minutes back. As my eyelids shut themselves off, darkness descends and infatuating memories seduce their way in. FML !!
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